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Y&R South Africa is a community of creative minds based in the country's three major cities, who come to work to constantly challenge and reinvent, to find better and more effective ways of making our clients’ brands move their customers. And to do so in a manner that is differentiated for their brand while being relevant to their specific customer. In a phrase, we come to work to help our clients’ brands “Resist the Usual.” To be clear, this is not difference for difference sake; that way lies gimmickry and short-termism. This is difference and relevance, the cornerstone of all successful brand building. Our community uses the power of insights, ideas and impact to deliver work that is impossible to ignore. This is what binds us together. This is what fires us up in the morning. This is who we are.


Cape Town Office: Block A, Podium Level The Boulevard Office Park, Cape Town, 7925 South Africa Johannesburg Office: The Crescent, Georgian Crescent East, Bryanston, South Africa

011 797 6300

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Graham Lang

Chief Creative Officer

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